Ludvig ForsmanAge: 1 day18741874

July 15, 1874
Norberg, Västmanland, Sweden
Latitude: N60.0667 Longitude: E15.9333

July 16, 1874 (Age 1 day)
Norberg, Västmanland, Sweden
Latitude: N60.0667 Longitude: E15.9333

Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: October 23, 1853Skinnskatteberg, Västmanland, Sweden
8 years
elder sister
Hedda Erica Forsman
Birth: ForsJanuary 31, 1862Västerfärnebo, Västmanland, Sweden
Death: March 27, 1941Karbenning, Västmanland, Sweden
-2 years
elder brother
8 years
elder brother
Axel Otto Forsman
Birth: ForsApril 4, 1868Västerfärnebo, Västmanland, Sweden
Death: October 1, 1944Västanfors, Västmanland, Sweden
-10 years
elder brother
Anders Petter Forsman
Birth: ForsFebruary 26, 1858Västerfärnebo, Västmanland, Sweden
Death: June 3, 1933Sollentuna, Stockholm, Sweden
16 years
Ludvig Forsman
Birth: GullboJuly 15, 1874Norberg, Västmanland, Sweden
Death: GullboJuly 16, 1874Norberg, Västmanland, Sweden
-4 years
elder sister
2 years
elder brother
Claes Gustaf Forsman
Birth: ForsOctober 21, 1872Västerfärnebo, Västmanland, Sweden
Death: Hällefors BrukFebruary 7, 1937Mellösa, Södermanland, Sweden
-17 years
elder brother
Johan Erik Forsman
Birth: FagerstadJune 3, 1855Skinnskatteberg, Västmanland, Sweden
Death: November 4, 1926Norberg, Västmanland, Sweden
9 years
elder brother
August Reinhold Forsman
Birth: ForsFebruary 20, 1864Västerfärnebo, Västmanland, Sweden
Death: September 10, 1934Sköldinge, Södermanland, Sweden
22 months
elder brother
Gustaf Adolph Forsman
Birth: ForsDecember 7, 1865Västerfärnebo, Västmanland, Sweden
Death: ForsSeptember 23, 1868Västerfärnebo, Västmanland, Sweden
Mother’s family with Anders Gustav Nyberg - View this family
Marriage: December 23, 1876Norberg, Västmanland, Sweden
13 months
Robert Henning Nyberg
Birth: GullboJanuary 19, 1878Norberg, Västmanland, Sweden
Death: January 15, 1962Katrineholm, Södermanland, Sweden
4 years

BirthFödelseboken Norberg 1874
BirthHfl Norberg AI:16B
NameDödboken Norberg 1874
NameFödelseboken Norberg 1874
NameHfl Norberg AI:16B
DeathDödboken Norberg 1874
DeathHfl Norberg AI:16B