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Welcome to my family which is based on the Scheutz family but also includes other branches like my mothers side of the family and several side and in-law branches. This is a growing tree and I know there are other relatives out there who are interested in helping with their parts of the tree. Some of you have already approached me and given me very valuable information - thanks. If there are no sources which are verified like church books or similar the information can be wrong. Please make sure you verify any information you are using from this tree yourself. I am working on verifying all information bit by bit but it all comes down to how we 'decode' the handwriting of others.

I wouldn't call it my ancestors because I share them with lots of other people. It is more a story about working and middle class Sweden showing the ever present migration of people. Some had success others not so much, most choose to follow in the footsteps of ancestors but others were brave enough to choose a different path. This is a story about craftsmen like glassblowers, smiths, farmers, carpenters, miners, iron workers and soldiers. Many of the women were very strong to survive poverty and hard work, many of them lived long but not so easy lives. This is why I choose to call the tree 'A story of Swedish craftsmen and strong women'. If you would like to receive the newsletter with stories and updates please register here http://eepurl.com/ck9T-D.

fest Skinnskatteberg

This photo is from a family party in Skinnskatteberg. We are still trying to identify all people in the photo. This far we know who three of them are, but looking at some of the women they clearly must be related.


My grandparents family names were Scheutz, von Mühlenfels, Johannesson and Lundahl. The great grandparents were Scheutz, Holm, von Mühlenfels, Nordling, Johannesson, Johansson, Lundahl and Lind.

Scheutz is connected with the glass industry in Sweden and our first ancestor in the country came in the early 1700's from Bohemia. Holm we don't know that much about but the name comes from a man who fostered my great great grandfather (parents unknown). Further research show the Holm family is rooted in Skåne in southern Sweden as is all the branches from Holm. There is no particular occupation here but I have found some mill workers. They seem to have lived all over the county. Maybe the future will show if they also lived there when Skåne was a part of Denmark?


Reinhold Victor Scheutz and his first wife Carolina Margareta Hammarström


Von Mühlenfels is a family with roots in Pommern, today in Germany but also for about 200 years Swedish, many of whom served as soldiers in both the Swedish and Pommerish Armies. This is a family connection by adoption but the only family my grandmother knew. Her real family was Augustsson. Nordling came from counties around Stockholm and worked as inn keepers and merchants.

Johannesson is deeply rooted in Dalsland and they are all farmers. Johansson is still one of our mysteries and waiting to be solved. Lundahls were initially gardeners and before that farmers and from Stockholm and counties near Stockholm. Lind takes us to Bergslagen and the iron industry - ironworkers and miners.


August Johannesson after some successful pike fishing. Coming from a farming family in Dalsland he became a masterpainter in Stockholm. Fishing was just something he did at the summer house in the archepilago.


There are of course other occupations in all branches but these are the main ones. Through Scheutz and glass we are also connected to one of the smith families Schult/Schultz/Schoultz. Originally Schult but today the latter two versions are used, and there is no connection to von Schoultz which is a total different family. The photos in the logo are all from our family. If you are interested in what connections the different photos have or who they might be please contact me.

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Tack för att du besökte denna sajt. Anna Scheutz

If you belong to the family and want to help with the research please request an account so you can log in and get access to all information. When requesting an account please let me know how you are related to the family tree.

Thanks for visiting this site. Anna Scheutz



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Genomsnittligt antal barn per familj
1 april 2018 - 11:06:03

So what is DNA about and is it just another way for businesses to get to our money? Can it really be used for family research? The answers are not that easy and would be both yes and no to both questions. I did take a test to see what I could find.

I have just started to try to make sense of the results - over 2000 matches and in most cases I don't recognise names or places. How are we related, how far back, can it be solutions to more unknown parents etc?

I have written more about it on the blog. http://scheutz.co.uk/drupal7/blog

A late update
5 november 2017 - 11:35:19

So the road trip to Sweden did happen and this time I did visit Riddarhyttan. It was fun to finally see this area where so many of my ancestors lived, although most cottages and houses seem to be gone by now. I did visit the cemetary at Skinnskattebergs church and found several head stones with familiar names on. Photos have been taken and will be uploaded when I have time. The best thing was to find my great great grandparents grave - Anders Lind and Wilhelmina Forsman. 

After a visit to my parents I did end up with 9 boxes of collected family photos. They have now been sorted into the main branches of my grandparents and then I will have to start scanning them. 

I have also started working on another chapter in my book. This will be about Sofia Charlotta Westlund; my 3rd great grandmother. Next I will have to write about someone on the Scheutz line - do we have any suggestions?

Road trip
12 augusti 2017 - 09:29:30

Time again for a road trip to Sweden. I will only do 2 weeks this time so will not be able to do so much. Although I will stop in Vederslöv outside Växjö I might not do any glass factories this time. Still thinking of a slight detour to Västmanland and/or Dalarna on the way up to the Stockholm area, and I still haven't been to Vinslöv in Skåne. There are some options available...

More relatives added
19 maj 2017 - 08:35:56

I have now added more of the Danish side of Scheutz, i.e. the descendants of Conrad Gottfrid Scheutz who moved to Denmark. There is still some more people to add to this branch but it is a start.

All this information comes from the family research made by Halvard Scheutz and presented in the book "Medlemmar av släkten Scheutz". I have not had time to verify his results this far and add any sources.

Newsletter and more
6 maj 2017 - 13:08:48

The latest newsletter has been sent out today. It is just in short some thoughts by me and some introduction of some of the authors in the family tree. I can really recommend reading some of their books. Some you might already have encountered due to them being a bit more well-known. In fact some of them are so well-known but distant I haven't named them or added them in the tree.

I have also continued my work with verifying and adding sources to more facts in the tree. In some cases this means that some information has changed.

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