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This tree has nothing to do with the Scheutz family tree. Although both trees includes Swedish citizens emigrating to USA there is no connections since the families originated in different parts of Sweden.

Frank Erickson emigrated from Östergötland in Sweden, where he was known as Frans Kindblom. Kindblom turned into Chindblom and Frans to Frank. He chose early to replace Chindblom with Erickson which he though was easier in the new country. Erickson in turn changed to Ericson.

The base of the research this far comes from notes written down by Emilia Ericson married Johnson. She was a daughter of Frank. The reason for this family tree on my web site is that one of Franks decendants is my godmother. I have this far added some more generations on both Swedish and American branches and started verifying all information. I have tried to translate Swedish occupations into English when possible. The tree will not only contain Franks ancestors and descendant but also other branches to some extent. Time and luck in finding information will determine how far it will go.

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