About this page
My site is only about my family research. A way of sharing it with others in the family and anyone else who is interested. The blog was originally in Swedish but I have now changed to use English so our English and American relatives also can understand it. You can contact me via the family research page.

About the project
Since I started with family research and took over after several ancestors I have tried to find an easy solution to share it with interested relatives – both close and distant. My blog was a simple solution to share what I was working on and my finds. The next step was to find a way to share the whole tree.

After having researched a lot of software solutions both for computer and online I have made my choices. None of them are perfect but by using a combination of them I can work and share my research with those who are interested. For the actual research I use Family Tree Maker on my PC because I understand the logic behind it and like the graphic presentation of the software (21st Century) so it makes it easy to use for me. As support software for some reports and other perks I also have Genney and Min Släkt - two Swedish software programmes. Using Family Tree Maker also links in with having the tree available on Ancestry which have connected me with several American relatives but also some Swedish and similarly I also have the tree available on Geneanet.
I do not tend to work online either on Ancestry or Geneanet this is mainly just to share. Especially for Ancestry any hints need to be verified before being added since there are a lot of faults in trees online, also some of the green leaves are for people with similar names or just born in the same country or the same decade as the person you have in your tree so be careful.

My main sharing of the family tree and where you can find most photos is on the website you are visiting now. For sharing the tree I use webtrees which is a free on-line application. You can use it as your only 'software' for working in or like me work offline and then upload on a regular basis. I have personally chosen this solution because it fits me best.
If you are looking at doing family research please don't just choose software or online solutions based on what others have chosen and 'swear' by. Do the research and find what works for you. Also you do not have to share your results online, I chose it because I wanted the possibility to connect with unknown relatives who also research the different parts of the family tree.

My next step will be to try producing some written information related to the research, i.e. a book. I have started and have an idea what and how I want to do it. All I need now is time and understand that I might not be as good as some of all the authors in the 'family'.

About my family roots
On my paternal grandfathers side, Scheutz, the family is to many parts already documented. I know I still have to verify all data but it is a good start.

My paternal grandmother creates more of a mystery since she was adopted – who were her biological parents and is the story I have been told about what happened true? I have now come a bit further on her biological side and been in contact with newly found relatives.

My maternal grandfathers side originated in Dalsland and a great aunt had notes of several generations which were said to be the research of a distant relative probably during the 1950/60’s. This will have to be checked and verified. The information was to some parts missing surnames and those written down might not be the same as in the church books due to patronymic surname tradition.

My maternal grandmothers side originated in Bergslagen and especially Västmanland as well as in Stockholm. There were several names and generations to follow but all was a told tradition including mysteries. I will have to sort out all this and verify notes from the stories and try to solve some mysteries.

I already know I will find loads of glass blowers, master glass blowers and owners of glass factories since the Scheutz family has a long tradition and connection to Swedish glass industry but what were the other ancestors working with?