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This page is based on the Scheutz family in Sweden but also includes other branches like my mother's side of the family and several side and in-law branches. This is a growing tree, and I know there are other relatives out there who are interested in helping with their parts of it. Some of you have already approached me and given me very valuable information – thank you.
Please remember: If there are no sources which are verified, by church books or similar, the information can be wrong. Please make sure you verify any information you are using from this tree yourself. I am working on verifying all information bit, by bit but it all comes down to how we 'decode' the handwriting of others.

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My grandparent's family names were Scheutz, von Mühlenfels, Johannesson and Lundahl. The great grandparents were Scheutz, Holm, von Mühlenfels, Nordling, Johannesson, Johansson, Lundahl and Lind.

Scheutz is connected with the glass industry in Sweden. Our first ancestor came to Sweden in the early 1700's from Bohemia. Holm came from Skåne and this side has now been traced back about 300 years from all over this county but with a strong hold in Vinslöv.

Von Mühlenfels is a family with roots in Pommern, today in Germany but earlier Swedish for about 200 years. Many of them served as soldiers in both the Swedish and Pommerish Armies. This is a family connection by adoption but the only family my grandmother know. Her biological family was named Augustsson. Nordling came from counties around Stockholm where they worked as inn keepers and merchants among other occupations.

Johannesson is deeply rooted in Dalsland and they were all farmers. Johansson came from Småland to Stockholm during the 19th Century. Lundahl were initially gardeners and before that farmers. They came from Stockholm and counties near Stockholm. Lind takes us to Bergslagen and the iron industry - ironworkers and miners.

There are of course other occupations in all branches but these are the main ones. Through Scheutz and glass we are also connected to one of the smith families Schult/Schultz/Schoultz. Originally Schult but today the two latter versions are used. There is no connection to von Schoultz which is a total different family.

Some of the family names from the Swedish parts of the tree are Scheutz, Schult/Schoultz/Schultz, Theve, Lind, Lundahl, Johannesson, von Mühlenfels, Bark, Berg, Brauer, Blomquist/Blomqvist, Forsman, Frii, From, Gleissner, Hammarström, Henke, Hising, Knutze, Lampa, Malmström, Morberg, Näf, Noraeus, Nyström, Örtendahl, Schilberg, Schilström, Stocke, Trägård, Wedell.
Outside Sweden we find names such as White, Hansen, Beechinor, Alger, Boldt, Schmidt, Turányi, Lowles, Potts, Noakes, Vachell, Baerentzen, Coughlin, Knauff, Kleenstuywer, Mathews, Neuholdt, Payne, Pierce, Poulsen, Schaefer to name a few.

The pictures in the header are:
Övre Gudhem, Högsäter, Dalsland from where my great grandfather and many of his ancestors’ came. Stockholm - many of the ancestors come from this city including another great grandfather. Västmanland - Fellingsbro and Riddarhyttan. On my father’s side we have roots around Fellingsbro and on my mother’s side Riddarhyttan and Skinnskatteberg are the strongholds. Kosta in Småland is strongly connected to where the early generations of the Scheutz family worked and lived.